What is Never Summer all about?

Never Summer Mountains editThe Never Summer’s are a majestic mountain range in north central Colorado in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park. On the highest peaks topping out at over 12,000 feet above sea level, you will find plenty of snow all year round… which is why the range is so rightly named by the early pioneers.

The alpine core of the Never Summer range boasts the poetic Static Peak; Mounts Cirrus, Nimbus, Cumulus and Stratus; and the mysterious Nokhu Crags. Straddling the Continental Divide, Never Summer hosts miles of trails that lead up gulches, across streams and through 600-year old forests. It is an exceptional, uncommon vista in the mountains of Colorado.

The d_school Mantra

Never Summer is the mantra we chose for the design school because it reminds us of two valuable ideas.

For the authentic student of life, school is always in session. It is never truly summer. Learning is always and forever present in every corner of life, whether it comes in the form of classroom instruction or everyday experiences. To learn is to grow and to grow is to succeed. We believe that all of life is an adventure in learning.

Just as the Never Summer Mountains rise high into the sky, so should our dreams and aspirations for the future. If we choose to remain in the lower valley, we will never rise above where we are and see a bigger world. If we never challenge ourselves to achieve more than what we think is possible, we will stagnate and die. Lifelong learning sets us on a higher path of possibility filled with unlimited potential. It’s all in choosing to reach a higher elevation.


At Never Summer, we are entirely focused on the WHY:

To reach the child who hungers for purpose
In #PivotTheModel design school learning.

Check us out. It’s Never Summer up here.