The Grit Stories

What is Grit?

We first learned about Grit and Growth Mindset in Paul Tough’s NY Times bestseller How Children Succeed. He highlights the great work of Angela Duckworth and Carol Dweck which you can investigate further in the resources listed below. Immediately, we knew that some-way/some-how, these ideas needed to be integrated into our work with middle school students. So we created our MindWorks class. [You heard some brief discussion about it in the videos.] That was the humble beginning of all that is Never Summer.

This section in JumpStart will introduce you to the same ideas that captured our attention and continue to focus our work.  It’s really great stuff! Kids need it.

After you have explored and absorbed everything, tell us your own Grit story. You will find all the details in the ACTION section. Can’t wait to hear from you!

READ ON! [before your next lesson]

ACTION [to get your CEU’s]

  1. Select your answers and calculate your Grit and Growth Mindset scores. Complete the Google form to anonymously submit your scores for the NS database.
  2. Tell us your grit story. How have you overcome challenge and adversity in your life? [Go as deep as you like or keep it lighter… just enough to let us know more about you.]
  3. Create a Word doc or pdf and email it to us: or Include a profile pic and we will share it on the Never Summer website. We will include a link back to your site if you want.
  4. Read the other JumpStart participants’ stories to share lessons learned.

[The Google Form for submitting your grit scores will be up shortly.]