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What is #DesignThinking?

It Begins With Empathy

Puzzled looks…reactions of disinterest…blunt statements of I don’t know what you are talking about.

Design Thinking cannot be explained easily because Design Thinking must be experienced. Although there are steps to follow in the DT process, it is more about the why and less about the how.

DT can be used to solve virtually any problem that may exist.

D stands for Design

Like a Splinter in Your Mind

Everyday, we see things differently than the day before. With fresh eyes and insight, the world presents new questions seeking answers… new situations to be encountered… new problems requiring solutions.

When we choose to make positive change in the world, we open ourselves up to discovering unique gifts and talents within and we become designers. People who want to move mountains to make impossibilities become possible.

To design is to create adventure!