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What is d_school anyway?

Traditional education models focus almost exclusively on imparting knowledge and facts to students. However, modern technology means accessibility and acquisition of knowledge is ubiquitous and seamless in their lives. Real 21st century learning is more about gathering the facts and using them to solve complex problems. Design thinking and project-based learning help teachers to teach better, which in turn, gives students the skills they need to succeed and thrive in a post-modern, global world.

Although one end goal may be the development/publication of a product, the larger goal is to build self-efficacy. We seek to remove the fear of failure associated with traditional education (too often focusing on “end product”) in favor of a design thinking process that proves a greater value in the process, from unfiltered creativity to test-fail-retest-repeat.

In a “pay it forward” fashion, we feel confident that you will leave us with a renewed vision for the future that you can take with you to the classroom, the dinner table…


Never Summer circlesDesign Thinking

Design Thinking teaches us how to create real-world solutions that reach real-world people. It is a process: Empathize / Define / Ideate / Prototype / Test. This course will engage participants in: mind mapping, concept-based learning models, design project processes, convergent and divergent conditionals and other activities. The course will include materials from Rich Cash, Lynn Erickson, Edutopia, MindShift and IDEO founder David Kelley.

The goal for the course is simple: to equip you with the tools to go out and change the world. The formula is simple, the content is engaging, and—in the end—you will emerge a changed person with a new worldview.


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2.) Mail in a paper registration along with your payment of $50. Form is here: Kinetics XT d_school Registration

BrainWorks for Gen Z (only available during d_parents)

Brain scientists tell us that an average human person has about 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day which turns out to be about one thought every second that we are awake. Students need to have certain facts and information for instant recall. But honestly, most of these 70,000 thoughts of what they are thinking and learning in school are facts they can find in a quick search on Google.

The real skill 21st century students must develop is how to use those facts to solve complex problems, to gather relevant facts and put them together to figure out the answers to bigger questions. So teachers must train students’ brains how to decide which facts to gather and then how they fit to create the answers.

d_school will focus primarily on ‘Design Thinking’ for the August 2016 session. ‘BrainWorks for Gen Z’ will be the focus of d_parents.

I am an educator. Will I get continuing education credits for my participation in d_school?

You bet you will! And the best part of all is that you will have a blast earning them!

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