What is d_camp anyway?

Never Summer d_camp is a life-changing experience. It is a 4-day camp focusing on design theory and its application to an authentic learning adventure. d_camp facilitators, Menardi and Buller, will equip campers with the background and knowledge necessary for the design process, then they will unleash campers to create their own design experience.

We don’t want to give too much away, but you are going to collaborate with peers to create some amazing things. You will be greeted every day by energetic instructors, eager team members…and there might even be a surprise guest or two.

Who else will be at d_camp?

Other kids who will be entering grades 6-12. Hey! How about inviting a friend to join you?

What if I don’t know anyone there?

We hear you. You don’t need to worry, however. Everyone at d_camp is a valuable participant. Everyone has something to contribute, so everyone will be an active part of the process.

 I’m not sure. Why would I want to participate?

Why wouldn’t you? Think of it as a school you will never want to leave. You are a creative genius; your participation in d_camp will only lead to bigger and better things.

I’m really not that creative. I can barely draw stick people. What can I contribute to the Never Summer experience?

Whoa! Slow down!

Everyone contributes at Never Summer. And nobody worries about their abilities. At Never Summer there are no are no such things as in-abilities. We are all creative geniuses.

I’m still not sure. All my ideas are usually bad ones.

We hear you. But allow us to let you in on a little secret…the bad ideas will undoubtedly lead to good ideas. Never Summer will only be successful if everyone…yes, EVERYONE…accepts mistake and failure as a necessary component. At d_camp we are going to take risks and we are going to respect the contributions of everyone. Rule #1 of d_camp: No idea is a bad idea.

Will there be snacks?

Let us ask you this. Does y = 5 in the equation below?

It looks like this experience will be priceless. Why do I have to pay?

LOL. Good one! It will be priceless, but we still have some nominal costs to cover. Plus, your completed registration and fee show us your full commitment to d_camp.

How can we convince you to give d_camp a try?

#thiswillbeoneofthemostamazingsummercampsyouhaveeverdone: meetnewfriends:learnnewstuff:thinknewideas:designnewcreations: getwet:whatmorecouldyouask!

Registration Options:

1.) Click here to purchase an electronic ‘ticket’.

2.) Mail in a paper registration along with your payment of $50. Form is here: Kinetics 2016 Registration

Drop us a note and we’ll have a virtual coffee chat!

  • Jess Buller: jess@neversummerdschool.com
  • Elaine Menardi: elaine@neversummerdschool.com