Brain ToD

Brain ToD [Brain Toads]

The brain is such an incredible and vital part of the human body and yet we know relatively little about how it really functions. Scientists tell us that the average brain does not mature until the mid-20’s or even beyond. If we can foster healthy, positive brain development, then we can help maximize the potential of young minds.

Knowledge is power. When students understand how their brains work and what helps their brains work better, they become empowered with confidence in their abilities and move closer toward growth mindset. Brain ToD’s are a simple but effective way to teach them these complex ideas.

BYOBToD [of homework]

Research your own Brain ToD. Here are a few suggested websites:

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In the comment section, write your answers to these questions:

  1. How will you use Brain ToD’s in your setting?
  2. How might they be important to you and/or your students’ learning?

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