Author: Jess B Buller

Passionate about growing minds. Eager to change the world. Man of vision.
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The Powers That Be

Onward, Brave Voyager!

At #NeverSummer, we are about growth as much as success. Perhaps they are one in the same. But it is a disservice to lump them together. They are each powerful in their own right.

Growth requires setback. It requires failure. Setback and failure are of course not the goal, but they are necessary nonetheless. Without them growth moves at a snail’s pace.

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What is #DesignThinking?

It Begins With Empathy

Puzzled looks…reactions of disinterest…blunt statements of I don’t know what you are talking about.

Design Thinking cannot be explained easily because Design Thinking must be experienced. Although there are steps to follow in the DT process, it is more about the why and less about the how.

DT can be used to solve virtually any problem that may exist.

Shuffle Up & Deal!

Game On2015-05-13 06.44.21

If it was a secret before, it will be no longer…I love Poker.

That’s right. The age old game of cards and clay chips is one of my preferred pastimes. To some it is a game of chance; to others a game of strategy. To me, the potential of rolled up aces over kings makes every trip to the table a true adventure.

In Poker we use the term “pot committed.” A player is pot committed when he has bet enough money that—regardless of the strength of his hand—it would be better to keep betting until the end.

In the overall mission of Never Summer, I am pot committed. I am ready to push all my proverbial chips across the table because I am ALL IN.