When the Music Fades…

Strength in Silence

It’s been awhile since I’ve tickled these keys. The keyboard has remained silent. My thoughts…a caucophony of anxiety, fear and the blank space of unknowingness. John Cage would have been proud. Honestly, I just didn’t know what to say. Life was happenin’ while I was busy making plans. And my plans just didn’t have the vision.piano keyboard closeup

Then the Bill. And the Colorado cred. And the National cred. And now, AeroLab.

All of the sudden, I am starting to hear the music. What was once a series of thoughts making decent music on their own is now a collection of beautiful-sounding instruments starting to form a well-oiled orchestra. THE AUDIENCE…students (of course). THE MUSICIANS…an alliance of dedicated adults who believe students deserve more than what education is capable of currently providing.

As great as the Bill and the publicity have been, it was a moment of self-realization that gave me my voice back. For so many years I have been cynical—cynical to the point of being critical—of a system that needs to change. As in D597479-588px_redstarbird.svgESPERATELY needs to change. Looking back at all the blogging and all the videos Elaine and I have done over the years, I am ashamed of my tone.

Why have I been so negative about a system that in all reality will never change?

I don’t say that from a defeatist attitude. I don’t say that from a there’s-nothing-I-can-do-about-it mindset. I just don’t know that changing the big ‘S’ system will be done from the inside out. I believe we need to turn conventional wisdom upside down and attack it (ugh…there I go again) from the outside in. Create enough opportunity and successes for students outside of their ‘traditional’ education that the system will be forced to get on board. That is my hope, anyway.

That’s AeroLab. That’s Never Summer. That’s PiQue 40 (more on that later).

I’m tired of pounding the keys and wondering why the music sounds so terrible (ironically enough, I studied music in college. You would think I might have a clue!). It’s time to move forward and truly focus on what I—what we—can offer. Perhaps the master musician Beethoven said it best…The barriers are not erected which can say to aspiring talents and industry, ‘Thus far and no farther.