We Made a Law!

Such Excitement!

Foster Elementary was buzzing with energy from 100+ students on May 18 as Governor John Hickenlooper signed our bill into law!

It is such an amazing feeling that our idea for a STEM High School Diploma Endorsement is now a reality for Colorado students. We know this will impact the lives of young people and set them on pathways toward greater future success.

Thanks to all the team for getting across the finish line: Rep. James Coleman, Rep. Paul Lundeen, Sen. Rachel Zenzinger, Sen. Kevin Priola, Colorado Educator Voice, America Achieves, Colorado Succeeds, DFER, Capstone Group and many others!

Next on our To-Do List: the Implementation Plan and a STEM Teaching Endorsement for Colorado educators. Stay tuned!

For now, take a peek at pictures from the celebration!