Note from a 7th Grader

Dear Mr. Buller

I was hoping you would see what it’s really like in Mrs. James’ class when you came in the other day. But as soon as she saw you at the door, she changed her voice like she always does when you are there. She’s not as nice as you think she is.

I really don’t like Social Studies very much. It’s boring and I never feel like I learn anything. She just gives us worksheets and vocabulary words to write in sentences. She always puts these YouTubes on but they’re really dumb and I don’t understand any of it. I don’t think any of the other kids do either. But Mrs. James says she has to use technology in the classroom. I was thinking it would be pretty cool if we got to use the computer lab to make a video or something like that. Maybe we could do a project on why everyone seems so grumpy that Trump is the new president.

Mrs. James gave us this assignment to make a pioneer village in a shoe box. She told us to use pine cones and rocks and dirt and toy covered wagons if we wanted and we also have to write a 3-page report about pioneers. I don’t want to do it but my dad says I have to. I just don’t think it’s really all that important. But my brother says I could use his diorama… is that the right word?… if I want because he’s in college now. Mrs. James gave him an A, so at least I should get a good grade.

I’m more interested in politics and stuff. I know I’m only 12 and there’s lots of years before I can vote. It’s just that I think I might want to be a lawyer or maybe even a mayor someday. I really like to watch all that on TV but we never get a chance to learn about any of that in school.

You told us on the first day of school that we could come talk to you if we needed. I’m kinda nervous because you’re the principal and all and I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but I saw this thing online called I Wish My Teacher Knew. So I thought I’d just tell you what it’s like to be a 7th grader in this school.

I don’t like school because I don’t learn anything. I mean I do… but after I read it the first time, I get it and I’m ready for something new. The math problems are way easy. And I really don’t like all the poems that Mrs. Christensen makes us write. Science is just memorizing things and taking notes. I wish we would do some cool experiments or stuff.

I’m pretty smart… but I’m worried that I’m not gonna get smart enough to get into a good college and get a good job. I guess what I’m trying to say is…

Can you do something to make school better?

I really want to learn a lot of new things and I promise I would work really hard if you could just make it funner and more interesting. I just want to try and be a lawyer and make my mom and dad proud of me.


Dear David

I’ll make you this promise. Watch.

Mr. Buller