No Fretting Allowed

Maybe it’s all a bunch of hogwash.

I have this crazy notion that some way/somehow we need to change the way we educate young people… mostly because EdWorld just isn’t producing graduates who can actually do anything when they get to the real world. I feel like we need to shake up the institution.

Employers complain about this all the time. The research proves their whining is justified. We all know there aren’t that many twenty-something’s still living in their parents’ basements.


This might not work.

And in fact, now that I say that out loud, it probably won’t. Here’s why.

If we keep doing school like we’ve been doing it…

  • Kids won’t know how to read very well. But that won’t matter because someone invented Google Text-to-Speech.
  • Kids won’t know how to do simple math calculations. It’s okay because cell phones have calculators.
  • Kids won’t know how to spell. Not a problem because devices have autocorrect these days.
  • Kids won’t know how to solve complex problems. No worries because they will know how to color in bubble tests.
  • Kids won’t know how to understand street signs. Not an issue because they will be able to navigate with GPS on mobile devices.
  • Kids won’t know how to decide good information from bad. That’s not a deal because Siri has all the answers.
  • Kids won’t know how to handle a real life face-to-face conversation. Not to worry because they will know everyone in Clash of Clans.
  • Kids won’t know how to write a professional business email or report. But that will be fine because they can create a great text message with emojis.
  • Kids won’t know how to use Word or Excel or Publisher or InDesign or Acrobat or Photoshop etc., etc., etc. No need to fret because they will be able to teach you anything about any online game you could ever hope to play.

Yes. All that and more. The skills these kids will have when they get out of high school will amaze and astound and perplex the general world to no end. I am totally looking forward to that day! Aren’t you?

So no… let’s not worry about making any changes in EdWorld. We’re all gonna be just fine.