Elaine’s 3 Words for 2017

Dry Spell

I’ve hardly written anything for the last half of 2016. Up until July, I had been highly prolific. Though my brain has been running in hyperdrive these past six months, few thoughts have made the journey to print.

It is the end-of-the-year-time-to-ponder Why? Life has been unexpectedly-harder-than-usually-anticipated. A ton of demanding projects on the drawing board these days. I have never shied away from giving my all to produce excellence. Hard work is the essential element of who I am and how I live. I get stuff done… and done well.

But there has been a psychic emotional toll of late that caught me unawares. Which is odd… I am fairly astute at such matters… not this time. A good friend texted it best the other day:

… I have rarely poured more hard work and professional passion into nothingness. A big mud hole indeed…

And that captured it perfectly for me too. I have slogged through many a mud hole in my day.. but this one.. totally mucked up. I am drained of hope and reaching up for a new 2017.


delta-math-equationDelta is the Greek letter meaning change. Mathematicians and scientists scribble the shorthand to denote the difference in value or the degree of change. How well we live life is directly related to how well we adapt to change. (When you meet me in person, ask me to show you my delta.)


tazRuckus is organized chaos. Almost always minus any sense of control, definition or answers. That same good friend said not long ago:

You have a very high threshold for ambiguity which is not normal.

I thought of Taz swirling in his cloud of craziness pulling in unsuspecting bystanders. I am a ruckus-maker by nature.


leapoffaithStill the cry of Brave Voyager. In the Hangar, we have a mantra in our small circle: Press on! It gives me strength every time and I am compelled to leap yet again in faith. It is never any easier, but there is always great reward.

To change is to thrive in chaos is to press on.

Goals for a new year packaged in three words: Delta. Ruckus. Onward!

How will you choose to change the world?