My Foot Is Forever Broken


Three days in the hospital morphed into 12-weeks-in-4-casts morphed into a swirly boot that will be my constant companion for the next 9 months.


All of this started on the eve of the first day of school. I was wrangling chairs-on-wheels to an upstairs classroom when I said to Ken-the-Promethean-man, “I feel terrible. I think I’m toast.” I crumpled into my desk.

I missed the whole first week of school. Truth be told, I was pretty weepy-teary knowing my new students were arriving and exploring their new digs without me. I was so looking forward to seeing their wide eyes and smiley grins as they stepped into the new classrooms we had worked so hard to prepare for them. No such luck.

This has been a time of unexpected roadblocks and walls for me. All of my plans derailed and my hopes casted in fiberglass plaster. If my life ever got too easy, I probably wouldn’t know how to handle it.

I am facing a rather lengthy stretch of hurdles during this recovery. How I choose to navigate these challenges will either break me or make me stronger. I have never been one to give up easily on anything. Put simply, I hate to lose.

On the other side of roadblocks and walls are bridges.

Pathways that take us from old to new, from known to unknown. Each school year is a bridge from where-we-have-been to where-we-can-be. This is the spirit that educators work so hard to pass on to their students each August. It is a spirit that must be ignited from within before it can be shared with the world.

From everything you’ve seen here on Never Summer, you know that Jess and I are all about bulldozing through roadblocks / climbing over walls / crossing bridges to get EdWorld to a whole new where-we-can-be place. Educators don’t have a choice anymore if we are going to be a relevant force in the shaping of the future.

Teachers and students step through the door hoping to have “the best year ever!” Yet too often, the only changes are newly decorated bulletin boards and freshly rearranged classroom posters. Fundamentally, nothing else has changed. Classroom instruction is the same. Practice problems and homework are the same. Assessment is the same.

The bright shiny faces adorning hip and trendy jeans and sneakers renew our hope in a generation reaching for success.

Are we giving them everything we possibly can? They are relying on us to be the experts to lead the way toward their futures. But we are often tricked by our own limitations. Make no mistake: We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the Superheroes!

We are in the midst of an education revolution and what revolutions do is change more than a few common conceptions. Ever how slowly do the wheels of change turn, but unless they turn, there will never be forward movement, positive change. We are the ones who must turn the wheels.

Resist the Temptation

My foot is never going to be what it once was. The bones don’t align like they should and docs say they’re just too fragile to fix with surgery. I will struggle to do things I once loved to do. It will definitely be a heavy-lift change for me.

EdWorld will never be what it once was. We all have a moral obligation to make sure it isn’t. Our kids deserve more.

The world isn’t what it used to be so we can’t just churn out graduates the way we once did. Our kids deserve more.



Students are counting on us to lead the way–because we are the experts who have already lived a stretch or two and know what they will need to problem-solve their way through all the tomorrows on the horizon.

There is no surgery fix for EdWorld. We must learn how to Walk This Way!.