#HMW Change The World?

The Answer in the Question

The question should be on every educator’s mind. #ThinkBig

I want to change the world. I want the staff (and students) in my school–and schools EVERYWHERE–to approach education from the same perspective.

A unified change in belief will lead to a unified change in approach.



If we believe that things are good, we will not be motivated to change. If we believe that necessary change is not possible, things will stand still.

#HMW communicate to policy makers, lobbyists, and education higher-uppers that we are severely holding students back? #HMW we communicate that we must start showing what students are capable of doing, not the answers they are capable of providing?

#Idea Economy

Business leaders of today (and tomorrow) seek candidates capable of problem solving and #DesignThinking.

     ‘I don’t care what you know; I care what you are capable of doing/producing.’

ask @ELMenardi ask @dlaufenberg ask @drchagala ask @lndeutsch ask @scitechyEDU ask @Tastenspieler ask @edutopia ask @MindShiftKQED ask @tedfujimoto ask @kelleybros

The time is right. The time is now. A great friend of mine told me, “…you’re in that very small part of principals who would step out and make real change happen.”

I don’t want to be in the minority on this one. Seeking #ChangeAgents

Be bold. Make a difference. Share your story.