Green Hands Brigade

#DesignThinking in Action

ICYMI.. this is how it all started: HMW start a recycling program at our school?

Green Hands 2A fiery group of 7th grade math students want to make a difference at their school, so they have decided it’s time to put the words into action. All it took was a bunch of empty copy paper boxes and some green paint.

We worked through the design-thinking process:

Empathy — Define — Ideate — Prototype — Test.

MindMaps led the way as each student took a turn writing ideas and questions on the whiteboard. After a lot of excited discussion and strategizing, they are ready to test the plan.

The painting process took on a life of its own and you can see the master creations. Boxes will be distributed to junior high classrooms this week as each group of students is invited to contribute to the recycling cause.

Teachers and students will hear from the Green Hands Brigade why it is so important that we all make the effort to conserve our natural resources through recycling.

Green Hands 3Each young person has a unique take on their personal agendas for the project. [Everyone knows it’s the right thing to do… we just need to make a greater effort to put our good intentions into action.]

Our hope is that these 7th graders can inspire all to take greater responsibility and care for the earth more deeply.

We will be armed with some data for the next phase of the project: How much trash regularly ends up in our local landfill and how might recycling impact the waste management process?

In the long run, these activist students might just end up helping the city government reduce costs for waste disposal. Not bad for a group of sevvies!

Cheer us on from your own sidelines near and far! And if you need any inspiration for such projects in your own classroom, give us a jingle:

We’ll let you know how it goes!

Green Hands 4