A Teacher’s Letter to Students

Dear Students —

I want you to know how glad I am to be your math teacher and how happy I am that you are in my class. #Truth. For real. No lies.

I know that some days school is hard / boring / tedious (look it up) and just plain not-where-you-wanna-be. That’s true for all of us. But we must keep going. We have to keep learning.

I also know that some days you just need someone to tell you something good about yourself. Because that doesn’t happen very often.

After two weeks in my class, I know something uniquely special about you. If you want to hear what it is, all you have to do is ask. Here is the secret code question:

Mrs. Menardi… what is a rational number?

You can ask that question out loud during class… after you raise your hand, of course! Or you can ask me that question face to face. This will be my clue to tell you something good about what I see in you. [Because you already know what a rational number is… right?!?!] [We’ve gone over it SO many times already.]

And just so you know that I’m being real here, I am giving you a free homework pass and some Smarties. Use this pass well! You only get one for the whole semester. It expires on December 18.

I’m not lying to you. I AM happy that you’re in my class. Now let’s learn some math together!

Get your nerd on, baby!
Mrs. M

Get Your Nerd On Baby