The Powers That Be

Onward, Brave Voyager!

At #NeverSummer, we are about growth as much as success. Perhaps they are one in the same. But it is a disservice to lump them together. They are each powerful in their own right.

Growth requires setback. It requires failure. Setback and failure are of course not the goal, but they are necessary nonetheless. Without them growth moves at a snail’s pace.

Setback occurs when life takes an unexpected turn. When the plans we had laid out for ourselves take on a different sequence than what we had intended.very-dangerous-winding-path-mountain

I recently experienced setback in my life. A job that I assumed would last long term ended rather abruptly after a solid four-year stint. A job that I invested my heart and soul into. A job that I enjoyed.

The powers that be decided the school needed to go another direction, and I made the difficult decision to end my tenure in the plains of Colorado. Ultimately, however, I knew it was the right decision because God had bigger and better plans for my life. For my family. For my calling.

Honestly, I have learned to embrace setback. To grab it with both hands, give it a kiss on the cheek, then let it go and move on. Ever adapting. Always moving.

My reaction to the situation could have been one of defeatedism and all-is-lost-edness.

I chose the opposite. I chose a growth-minded approach. To a growth-minded person, setback is opportunity. Setback leads to new beginnings and better endings. Setback is a window opening after a door closes. Sometimes the window turns out to be much larger than we perceived the door to be. I believe that happened this time.

Setback often times occurs after failure. At my job, I took risks. Calculated decisions, but risks nonetheless. Some of those decisions failed…big time! And I always knew the risk in, well, taking risks.

I don’t regret any of my failures. I needed them. They made me a stronger building leader, a stronger person.

I see a generation of kids needing this lesson. It is valuable. It is life-changing. It is necessary if they wish to succeed in life. And the time for them to fail is now! Why? Because we are here. Through our past struggles and pain, we can ride alongside this generation [and the next, and the next, and the next, …] and teach them how to fail successfully. Then, when they leave the nest, they will have experience to fall back on.

Our motto at Never Summer is Elevate Creative Genius. The phrase itself implies growth. Everyone can grow. Everyone can succeed.

My experience is not exceptional. Many people have experienced far worse setback than I could ever imagine. The great ones bounced back even stronger. 

That’s my goal. Let it be yours as well.

Let’s climb the mountain together. #NeverSummer