Tools and Tips for a New Year

So Little to Do… So Much Time

Strike that… Reverse it. On we go!

Classic Willy Wonka… and so opposite of what this time of year is all about. Public school teachers and administrators maxed out trying to get ready for students to reappear for another year.

It may seem like odd timing to dive in and learn new tools for the classroom now with so much professional development looming in the coming days before students arrive, but this is a perfect time. JumpStart: DT Primer just launched for busy educators like you.

MindMaps and Grit Scales and Brain ToD’s… Oh My!

JumpStart is designed to be quick and easy so you can hit the ground running. Three simple tools are presented in video format: MindMaps, Grit Scales and Brain Tips-of-the-Day. Each will make a huge difference in the educational lives of your students.

DT MindMap
MindMap Focus Question: Why do we need design thinking?

MindMaps: a simple creative thinking process that invites ideas-to-paper centered around a focus question. This tool helps students to explore and brainstorm a wide variety of thoughts on a particular subject. It can be used for individual or group projects.

Grit Scales: Angela Duckworth is a nationally recognized researcher who has been studying the character traits and skills that help students succeed in education and in life. Take some time to watch her on by clicking HERE. Couple that with Carol Dweck’s work on growth mindset. Carol’s TED Talk is HERE.

In JumpStart, we give you their two short assessments that will help you and students measure grit and growth mindset. Use the scales at the beginning and the end of the school year to see how young people have grown.

Brain ToD’s [aka, Brain Tips-of-the-Day]: We found these brain factoids to be highly effective at helping students understand brain development and how to keep their brains healthy to maximize learning potential. Simple tips like: “Don’t go to sleep with your earbuds playing because your brain doesn’t rest”. Students put these ideas to the test and found that they were able to study better/remember better/learn better.

CEU’s on the Table

JumpStart is FREE for a limited time.  It is self-paced, easy-to-do, four short lessons focused on Design Thinking and the tools and tips that will help you to teach 21st century students these powerful skills. In addition, continuing education units are available when the simple assignments have been completed.

Register now {click HERE} and you will have lifetime access to the materials and can complete the assignments when the busyness of a new year settles down. CEU’s will be ready and waiting for you.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email:

Here’s a sneak peek look at JumpStart!