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What does it mean to be educated?

A recent report by TNTP — The New Teacher Project — asked the question:

Do we know how to help teachers get better?

Their report titled The Mirage has caught the attention and focus of many educators on Twitter. There is much to consider in their findings about how to make professional development for teachers better and more effective.

Perhaps an underlying question that all educators must ask first is this: What does it mean to be truly educated in the 21st century?

Many have described the characteristics and competencies of a 21st century learner. The standard list looks something like this:

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication

Add in digital citizenship and digital literacy to round it out.

These are all vital skills for young learners to master to succeed in life in these post-modern times. But we have yet to figure out how to teach these skills to students in ways that will permeate the whole of their education. And more, we do not know how to measure whether students have actually learned these skills and can use them well.

So we loop back to the original question: What does it mean to be truly educated today? As motivated educators, we all need to spend time in dialogue.

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