Public Education Isn’t Enough

The 3rd Year

In another few weeks, I start my third year here in this little schoolhouse on the prairie. So much water has passed under my bridge that my head explodes whenever I try to wrap my brain around all that has happened.

What began as part-time elementary/middle-school counseling morphed into full-time middle-school counseling/teaching/creating something totally new called MindWorks.

Soon I will morph even further into a math geek. I have no idea what is about to take place… it’s all a little unnerving just now.

For now, I want to share our newest story: Why Never Summer Take a peek at this sweet video to hear Jess and I tell you a bit more about us and also why we felt it so important to create this new adventure.

For us, it’s all about the students.

Public education. Just. Is. Not. Enough.

Public education cannot teach students all they need to know and be able to do to be successful in life. Teachers need help. Parents need help. We want to help.

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