What is #DesignThinking?

It Begins With Empathy

Puzzled looks…reactions of disinterest…blunt statements of I don’t know what you are talking about.

Design Thinking cannot be explained easily because Design Thinking must be experienced. Although there are steps to follow in the DT process, it is more about the why and less about the how.

DT can be used to solve virtually any problem that may exist.

How can I get my children to eat their vegetables?
How might New York City encourage more people to ride public transportation?
How could the dentist be a less traumatic experience for some children?
How can I help my students connect more with differential equations?

…the questions are endless.

The Design Thinking process can be described in its simplest terms using the graphic below (image and more information can be found at dschool.stanford.edu).


It begins with Empathy. Empathy for the consumer (or the student, or the customer, or …). Empathy derives from setting aside your personal feelings and biases in order to truly understand and address the needs of others.

Once that has truly taken place, the problem solver can more effectively move through the remaining steps in the DT process. From defining the problem, to generating ideas en route to a solution, to creating a prototype solution, to testing-fixing-retesting your final product, a.k.a. solution to the problem.

Design Thinking at its finest has the power to change the world.

Design Thinking is an experience like none other. Design Thinking can only be appreciated through doing.

At Never Summer our goal is to bring Design Thinking to life. At Never Summer, we are less about the talking and more about the doing.

Authentic…exhilarating…life-changing…that’s Design Thinking.

That’s #NeverSummer.