Kids with Digital DNA

What do you know about Generation Z?

These are the kids who are in currently in elementary and middle school. Gen Z is uniquely different than any previous generation and the advances in technology have a large part to do with that. We call them ‘digital natives’. They have never known a world without computers or internet. That alone is a mind-blowing-crazy-idea for anyone over 25.

How do analog parents cope with digital kids?
How do veteran teachers handle the lightning-fast learning needs of this new generation of student?

It is critical that we all understand what makes the Gen Z tick and also what makes her shut down. We need to explore and talk about ways to ignite their curiosity so that deep learning can take place in the short time we have them in our reach.

BrainWorks for Gen Z is just such an opportunity for teachers and parents alike. Take a peek at the video below and then click here to get more info: BrainWorks for Gen Z.

Photo used under Creative Commons license.