Truth Trumps Trepidation

Top 10 Ways d_school will Change Your Life

Are you still unsure about joining us for the adventure of a lifetime? Time to let go of The Fear.

At Never Summer, there is no need for worry. We are all about Everearth_2_superman__bourassa_style__by_owc478-d74ivzpybody and not about Nobody. At Never Summer, we have one simple mission…to change your life!

At the end of d_school,

YOU WILL…have more creative energy.

YOU WILL…know all problems have solutions.

YOU WILL…be better equipped to reach the child who hungers for purpose.

YOU WILL…look at the world with new eyes.

YOU WILL…rediscover the joy in teaching.

YOU WILL…become a confidently creative creature.

YOU WILL…replace “cant’s” with “what if’s”.

YOU WILL…strive to discover the genius in all children.

YOU WILL…once again find that inner child who could change the world.

And finally…at the end of d_school YOU WILL FEEL INVINCIBLE!