Growth Mindset

All year in MindWorks, we have been focused on growing our intelligence. Our two big themes have been grit and curiosity. We have learned about brain development and knowledge acquisition, determination and believing in yourself, fixed and growth mindset. All of these ideas are so valuable to young adolescent students as they grow into the future.

There exist some classic one-liners we all say at one time or another that show us we are in fixed-mindset-mode… at least temporarily. So we made a bulletin board for our classroom… growth mindset reminders radiating outward from the middle.

Change Your Mindset
With our thoughts, we make our world.

I call this #DragonSlayer mind… when negative thoughts and words flood our brains and we start believing that we cannot accomplish the task. Too often, we use the dragon to create excuses for why we can’t try something new, why we don’t succeed the first time or why it’s okay to give up. Changing our words and thoughts vanquishes the dragon and helps us move from fixed mindset to growth mindset. In order to grow, we must slay the dragon… perhaps again and again.

With our thoughts, we make our world.

This project was titled: Change Your Mindset!

When we think silently or even hear ourselves say one of the these, how can we change our mindset? To reinforce the positive and grow our intelligence, what words can we substitute?

These are some of the growth mindset messages that students wrote:

I am better than this.
Nobody can stop me.
I can make a difference.
This is SO possible.
One mistake will not define me.
I have GRiT!

These students got it! Everything we were trying to teach this year sunk in and now they head into summer feeling confident and capable of achieving their goals.


We have two great courses for educators starting soon: Design Thinking and BrainWorks for Gen Z. Start date: June 17 and 18.

NS Biz Card Front 2Each will help you get into #DragonSlayer mind… to conquer the fear of creating something new… to change your words and thoughts… to grow your intelligence… to move from fixed mindset to growth mindset.

High energy design thinking will invigorate you. Project-based activities will awaken your creative spirit. New faces will grow your collaborative network. Don’t miss this great summer opportunity for learning.

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