Shuffle Up & Deal!

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If it was a secret before, it will be no longer…I love Poker.

That’s right. The age old game of cards and clay chips is one of my preferred pastimes. To some it is a game of chance; to others a game of strategy. To me, the potential of rolled up aces over kings makes every trip to the table a true adventure.

In Poker we use the term “pot committed.” A player is pot committed when he has bet enough money that—regardless of the strength of his hand—it would be better to keep betting until the end.

In the overall mission of Never Summer, I am pot committed. I am ready to push all my proverbial chips across the table because I am ALL IN.

But I am not in it for me. I am in it for kids like Jacob who is hoping to “build something through teamwork.” I am in it for teachers like Lanie who “need innovative strategies to better reach the hungry learners in her classroom.” And I am in it for parents like Jeff who “struggle to understand what motivates and drives this generation of children.”

Never Summer exists for them.
It exists for you.

Expert poker players know that to be good you must “play the man, not the cards.” Translation: be observant of how players react to the cards they are dealt…What do they do? What do they say?

Many players wear sunglasses to hide their eyes. They fear that their opponent will know the strength or weakness of their hand by (thank you Kenny Rogers) the way they hold their eyes.

I’ve got my glasses on too. But not out of fear. It’s out of the desire to look at things through a new set of lenses. Education needs people committed enough to view things with a fresh set of eyes. To consider the needs of everyone at the table. I’m excited, I’m refreshed…let’s shuffle up and deal.